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Purchasing of Universelle Engineering U.N.I. GmbH

Purchasing of Universelle Engineering is incorporated in the purchasing network of Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH. To supply our company with products and services we are looking for capable, innovative national and international partners.
To find out more about what we need and expect from our suppliers and our supplier qualification process, please send us an e-mail.

To apply to become our supplier, please complete our supplier questionnaire and mail it to us or fax it to +49 4151 / 86 - 5034

Conditions of purchase
Supplier questionnaire (pdf)
Supplier questionnaire (xls)

Supplier application for design change

You are supplier to Universelle Engineering U.N.I. GmbH and you would like to announce a design change, please use the following application.


Here you can find information regarding VAT and customs.

Anna Karpinski
Tel.: +49 4151 / 86 - 4107

VAT & Customs

Contact Purchasing Department

Thomas Kalkofen
Tel.: +49 4151 / 86 - 4214